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Emory Goizueta MBA Interviews

The admissions Emory Goizueta MBA interview offers the opportunity to candidates applying for Emory MBA to explain more in depth educational and career experiences. Emory Goizueta interviews are an important part of the admission process. The Emory Goizueta admission committee offers on-campus interviews in selected cities around the world.

The interviewer is interested in candidate’s professional accomplishments as well as leadership and community achievements. The interviews last for 30-35 minutes. As per Emory, “The admissions interview offers you the opportunity to explain more in depth your educational and career experiences to date, and to elaborate on your post-MBA career plans. We are interested in your professional accomplishments, but also your leadership and community achievements.”

Emory Goizueta MBA Frequently Asked Interview Questions

  1. Tell me something about yourself?
  2. Walk me through your resume?
  3. Why MBA? Why Emory Goizueta school?
  4. Why MBA now or Why MBA at this stage of your career?
  5. What is your short & long term goals?
  6. What is your Plan B if consulting/Investment banking does not happen?
  7. What are your key strengths? Can you give some examples please?
  8. What is your biggest weakness ? Can you give some examples please?
  9. How can you add value to the Class?
  10. Why should we take you?
  11. One reason that we should not select you?
  12. Interests and Hobbies – Be prepared!.. questions as basic as “Why do you do poetry (or any other activity” may be asked.
  13. Some Situational & Behavioral Question
    • What would you describe are your greatest achievement to date?
    • Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that?
    • Give me an example of a time when you did not meet a client’s expectation. What happened, and how did you attempt to rectify the situation?
  14. Case questions are fairly common in MBA interview especially for consulting aspirants. Below are a few sample for to practice for:
    • How many Golf balls can fit in a Boeing 747?
    • What’s the global market size for smartphones?
  15. Do you have any Question for us?

Emory Goizueta MBA Interview Questions – 1

Wrapped up my interview last night. The Adcom started with a very brief intro of hers and quickly directed the conversation towards me. She said she was only having my resume in her hand and would like to know more about me during the conversation. Here’re the questions she asked:

1. Tell me about your present work. (Follow up questions to understand my work properly)
2. Why do you want to get an MBA? And, why now?
3. How does your experiences and skills that you have gained connects with your post MBA goals? (Follow up question: why that particular concentration and area of work?)
4. You have worked in teams; tell me about the best team you have worked in.
5. If I asked your team members or your supervisors or your friends, which three words will they use to describe you?
6. Why did you chose to apply to Emory Goizueta?
7. Any questions for me?

There were other follow up questions as well in between. The entire interview was very conversational and the Adcom did seem genuinely interested in knowing more about me. The Adcom didn’t stop herself from digging deep whenever she felt she required more info. The interview lasted a little over 30 minutes.

So, that’s it. Hope it helps you prepare for your interview. :-) All the Best :thumbup: and Cheers :grin:

Emory Goizueta MBA Interview Questions – 2

Had a pretty straight forward interview with no surprise questions and it turned into a conversation. General questions were as follows:

  • How would your co-workers describe you with three character traits? The three traits caught me a little off guard but was able to put something together.
  • Why MBA, why now, why Goizueta?
  • Post MBA plan, and how will Goizueta help you achieve them?
  • Professional advice I’ve received.

We had a pretty good conversation about the leadership development program, class size, travel opportunities, etc.

Personally, I thought the the interview was extremely average — a little self conscious about some of my answers, but I heard on Thursday that I was admitted! Huge relief.

Emory Goizueta MBA Interview Questions – 3

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why did you leave your job in company X?
  3. Tell me how you went about getting a job in company Y.
  4. Tell me about your current project.
  5. Business School is a lot like this, you get to meet a lot of people and you need to start off as soon as you join. How do you react to such situation?
  6. Why MBA? Why now? What after MBA?
  7. What do you look in a school when you consider applying to it?
  8. One reason that we should not select you?
  9. What would you contribute to Goizueta community? Which clubs would interest you?
  10. What do you know about Atlanta?
  11. What would you describe are your greatest achievement to date?
  12. One word that your (a ) Boss (b) colleagues (c) extra-curricular group members (d) family and friends would use to describe you.
  13. Do you have any questions for us?

Emory Goizueta MBA Interview Questions – 4

I had off-campus Emory goizueta business school interview with Emory Alumnus as I was an international applicant. The interviewer was very generous and offered me a cup of coffee. My interview lasted for 35 minutes. The questions asked by her were mostly standard:

  • Where are you working? What are your job responsibilities?
  • Tell me about a time when you dealt conflict with peer group or co-worker.
  • Tell me about your leadership experience.
  • If you don’t get into business school, what will you do?
  • What do you want to do after MBA?
  • What clubs will you join in Emory Goizueta.
  • How will you contribute to Emory society?

Emory Goizueta MBA Interview Questions – 5

My emory goizueta business school interview was in a large conference room at the admission office and was being conducted by a second year student. The interview was more of conversational and he made me feel very comfortable. It was 30 minutes of detailed discussion with the student. And my MBA interview preparation was good enough. He asked me following question:

  • Tell me you story beginning with college until now.
  • What did your company do?
  • How do you behave in a team where there is no official leader?
  • What is your biggest achievement?
  • What would your employers say about you?
  • Why Emory and what will you give back to Emory?
  • What are the core classes you would like to focus on while at Emory?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

Emory Goizueta MBA Interview Questions – 6

I had my interview yesterday. It was pretty straight forward and relaxed, lasted for about 30 minutes.

It started off with the interviewer telling me about herself and then going on to my resume and starting with the questions. The first few questions were the general ones that you’d expect- Tell me about yourself, Why an MBA at this point in time, Why Goizueta and Post-Mba Goals.

The interviewer then moved on to behaviour and specific experience related questions that revolved around how you handle constructive criticism, what would your boss think about you, how do you cope with dynamic situations, and suchlike.

Hope this was helpful!

Emory Goizueta MBA Interview Questions – 7

Just finished with my interview. Quite short, about 35 minutes. Neutral feelings about how it went. Trying desperately to stop the mental playback.

These were the questions I got asked:

Walk me through your resume, with emphasis on choice of degree and career transitions

Why MBA now?

Why Goizueta?

What companies are you targeting for your internship?

What in your opinion is important for teams to function at their best?

Describe a time when you effected change in your organization

Describe a time when you received constructive feedback from your superiors.

Are you open to working internationally?

If you could go back and change something about your career, would you?

She then asked me if I wanted to add anything. I touched upon my potential contributions to the school.


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