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Georgetown McDonough MBA Interview

According to the Georgetown McDonough MBA admissions director –

“Treat the interview like a job interview. This includes wearing a suit and bringing an up-to-date copy of your résumé. Candidates should practice interviewing with someone they trust to give candid feedback and take their feedback into consideration.

Finally, a successful candidate will show their interviewer that they have prepared for the interview and will come with thoughtful questions about the program.

The interview is a great time for candidates to stand out as an applicant. Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of your personality in the interview. When candidates are stressed out or too formal, they don’t perform well in the interview and that is a real missed opportunity.”

The Georgetown McDonough MBA Interview

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about [unusual internship/collegiate experience] on your resume
  2. Why MBA? What are your career goals?
  3. Why McDonough?
  4. Tell me about a challenging situation at work and how you dealt with it.
  5. Give me an example of a time where you managed another individual.
  6. How is the extent of your community/volunteering involvement?
  7. What attracts you to Georgetown?
  8. Describe your experience working in Asia vs. US
  9. Describe a time when you were met with a conflict with a coworker. how did you resolve it?
  10. How would your market yourself to an employer? (strengths) What gaps would the employer see? (weaknesses)
  11. Describe your workday/job function.

Interview Transcript – 2

The interview was taken by an Adcom member over Skype. It was a friendly and conversational interview. The interview was blind and she had not read my essays. It lasted for 30 min. Overall, the interviewer genuinely tried to know more about me.

Here are the list of questions in that order:

  1. How do you keep yourself updated? Which publications/magazines due you follow?
  2. What is an issue/topic of particular importance to you? Tell me about something you read recently?
  3. Why do you want an MBA?
  4. Talk about a time when you were part of a team and there was a conflict. How did you handle it?
  5. Tell me about a time when you took leadership role? What were the challenges? How did you handle it? She asked further questions on the example I gave.
  6. Talk about a time when you were challenged in a cross-cultural environment. What did you do?
  7. What are your strengths? Give example.
  8. What are your short term, long term goals?
  9. Any questions for her?

Interview Transcript – 3

Questions Asked:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Tell me about a time you made an unpopular decision
  3. Tell about the time you worked with a global team
  4. Career goals – short and long term
  5. Why MBA now?
  6. Why Georgetown?
  7. Where else are you interviewing?

My interviewer didn’t know anything about my application or even have my resume. I handed it to him right as the interview started, and he spent a few minutes reading it. The interviewer was also very focused on the clock and the 30 minute time frame. During the interview, he took notes.

Interview Transcript – 6

The interview was very conversational. We step by step walked through my résumé. The questions were as follows:

  • Why you choose your school and about your college experience.
  • What I do in my currently role and how I made the transition into my current role.
  • Why an MBA?
  • Why McDonough?

There were other questions dispersed throughout the conversation that were specific to responses that I gave, but this was the general flow.

Interview Transcript – 7

The interview was conversational. It started on time and lasted for 35 minutes. The interviewer started from reading my résumé.

Questions included:

  1. Tell me about the background and why MBA.
  2. Why now?
  3. Leadership story.
  4. Have been to the campus?
  5. What schools have you applied to?
  6. Do you want to stay in DC?
  7. 6 questions for her( 10 minutes)

During the interview, the interviewer took a lot of notes. She would also responded to my answers by stating that she had had similar experiences.

Interviewer is friendly. No challenge questions.

Interview Transcript – 9

The interview lasted about 35 minutes. The woman was really nice, but she was asking some odd questions about where I was applying towards the end–I think trying to awkwardly gauge whether I would in fact attend Georgetown if they admitted me.

1) Walk me through your résumé.

2) Why an MBA?

3) Why Georgetown?

4) Tell me about a time you had difficulty with a team/team member, and what you did to improve that relationship.

5) What are your post-MBA goals in five years?

6) Where else are you applying?

I hesitated a little on where else I was applying, since Georgetown is a safety (in terms of ranking, though I love the school and don’t consider it a ‘safety’ by any means). Interviewer was incredibly nice though.

Interview Transcript – 10

My interview at McDonough was very relaxed and straight-forward. My interviewer was a second-year student who was very nice, though she was an international student so I felt there was a bit of a language barrier.

The questions were pretty typical:

– Tell me about yourself and your experiences (I walked her through my resume)

– Why an MBA? Why Georgetown?

– Tell me about a time you demonstrated leadership

– Tell me about a time you faced a challenging project.

– Tell me about a time you solved a problem using analytical skills.

– What do you think will be your greatest challenge in an MBA program?

– What other schools have you applied to?

Overall – very enjoyable experience.

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