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IIM B EPGP Application Essay 2020-2021

Statement of Purpose: IIM B Just asked for a 600 words long statement of purpose to judge your candidature for the EPGP program.

IIM B EPGP Winning Sample Essay – 1

IIM Bangalore EPGP: Statement Of Purpose

I am an entrepreneur with 6+ experience in the manufacturing and logistics sector. During COVID, my startup got severely impacted, leading to its closure. This difficult period helped me realize the need to level up my skills to be an effective business leader. Thus, now I aspire to upskill myself with a one year MBA program from a world-class B-school in India that gives due emphasis to Entrepreneurship.

I was born and brought up in a rural family, where I received early exposure to business while selling Namkeen on the streets. In our family money always fell short of aspirations and I knew education was the only way out of the despaired economic situation of my village. I am the 1st person in Tehsil to have cracked IIT JEE and the first one in my family to go for education beyond high school, let alone in an IIT. In IIT, I chose to pursue courses that would help me start a business, and therefore, I took a minor in management and partnered with an educational startup to earn money through workshops. Later, I was selected by iCreate incubation center, which gave me the opportunity to visit Israel, where I learned how technology helps you achieve scales in business in the global arena.

After graduation, I joined ISWP Tata Steel to get a stable job and support my family. While working at ISWP, I always looked out for entrepreneurial opportunities that helped me envision an Uber-like logistics platform for the transport industry. To realize the dream, I researched and raised funds of Rs. 50 lakhs. In the next two years, we built India’s first tech integrated roadside assistance platform – TreLo, to serve trucks on the road. We scaled it in four states with over 1400 service outlets serving 300+ customers and brought several accolades, such as ABVIL (Govt. of Jharkhand) recognition and a National partnership with CEAT.

However, due to Covid turmoil, we had closed the startup. Working with Tata and building the startup in the capacity of CEO helped me become better at leading the teams and managing the grassroots operations. However, to start again and regain the ground in the startup world, I first need to build a robust network, learn how to profitability scale a startup from a VC lens, and build problem-solving skills from a tech perspective.

After developing my network and business acumen, I wish to restart my business idea of roadside assistance, for which EPGP program at IIMB would be extremely helpful for me. Program’s specialized education via subjects like Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship, Tactics and Economics of Pricing, and Entrepreneurial Management, along with the choice of placement holiday, would help me leapfrog in achieving my startup ambitions.

I am particularly interested in becoming a part of NSRCEL as it is a world-class incubation center that would significantly boost my entrepreneurial aspirations. Furthermore, I would be able to strengthen my network by taking part in its EnI club and PE-VC society that organizes VCIC – the largest venture capital competition worldwide. Besides, Bangalore, in the present context, is the Silicon Valley of India and, therefore, a perfect place for me to gain a foothold in the startup ecosystem.

These, along with other vital reasons like an excellent alumni network, make me confident that IIMB is the best place to pursue an MBA. With my successful stint in the corporate world aided with building a startup, I believe that I can enhance my peers’ learning experience and add value to IIMB’s vision of becoming a renowned academic institution that fosters innovation and Entrepreneurship.

IIM B EPGP Winning Sample Essay – 2

IIM Bangalore EPGP: Statement Of Purpose

I’ve 5 years of experience in IT domain as a ERP consultant working for Automobile, Telecom and Life sciences industry. After 5 years of experience want to fulfill the skill and business knowledge gaps in my profile to achieve my long term goal of being the first female CXO in india’s IT industry.

I have always believed that challenges are opportunities to learn and grow. The first big challenge I remember in my life was stage fear in high school which I overcame by relentless practice and performing on stage every day. This experience has defined my spirit to fight and pursue my dreams more passionately to carve out a successful career for myself in technology sector. I started my career at TCS and then moved onto Accenture where I delivered results in several challenging projects. One of my early success stories was when my team and I designed a custom inventory allocation tool for a big client. Our client was facing several cases of lost sales from premium customers due to absence of any stock allocation strategy. My team and I proposed a custom allocation tool to distribute supply to the customers in order of predefined priorities. The idea was well received by the management and asked us to develop and deploy in 2 months. The subsequent days were the most hectic days of my life where I led by example, solved one challenge after another while managing client deliverables on time. This project fetched me and my team the prestigious ‘Accenture Excellence Award’.

In 2016, when my career was flying high, I started showing symptoms of a rare chronic illness “Fibromyalgia” which causes violent attacks of muscle pain, fatigue and depression. After 3 months, I was not even able to perform basic tasks like combing my hair or stand up for 10 mins let alone perform in a demanding career. It was clear that medication was not working and I had to take a break from my career. Determined to regain my health, I took to physiotherapy and started ballet. With the blisters, bunions and pulled muscles, every day in class seemed to be filled with a new challenge. Over time, Ballet taught me how to deal with the pain, rise up and become tougher and stronger person which ultimately helped me overcome my illness. Now, I am a regular volunteer at make a wish foundation where I share my experience, strength, and hope with other kids suffering from chronic and life-challenging diseases.

After a 10 month long break, I joined Deloitte where I lead a team of 6 to optimize system performance. After the long break I was eager to make my mark again delivered performance which were recognized with an award for exemplary performance by my senior management. I now aspire to fly higher, and I believe IIM B’s EPGP program would be a perfect place for me to acquire the skills I need to accelerate my career again. I want to learn from the best professors like J Ramachandran about business strategy and development. I would like to join IIMB’s FOCAL & WIM clubs to hone my team management and leadership skills. I look forward to leveraging all the classroom learning combined with my 5 years of experience to help me achieve my future goals.

I have had a setback and I believe I came out stronger. My experience of struggle with a life threatening disease have given me a very different perspective on life, which I believe can share with my class to enrich my peers learning experience at IIM B.

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