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Imperial MBA Interview

The Imperial MBA interview is a chance for you to add an extra dimension to your written application and allows us to hear directly from you about your motivations and goals. They also want to learn more about your career aspirations, wider interests and how the MBA fits with these. What is it about the MBA programme that fits with your professional ambitions? Are there particular modules or Professors that specialise in areas you’re interested in?

Crystal Grant, Director of Admissions, and Phil Carter, Head of Programmes Marketing & Recruitment, have put together an in-depth guide on how to succeed in your MBA interview.

Imperial Business School MBA Frequently Asked Interview Questions

  1. Tell me something about yourself?
  2. Walk me through your resume?
  3. Why MBA? Why Imperial Business school?
  4. Why MBA now or Why MBA at this stage of your career?
  5. What is your short & long term goals?
  6. What is your Plan B if consulting/Investment banking does not happen?
  7. What are your key strengths? Can you give some examples please?
  8. What is your biggest weakness ? Can you give some examples please?
  9. How can you add value to the Class?
  10. Why should we take you?
  11. One reason that we should not select you?
  12. Interests and Hobbies – Be prepared!.. questions as basic as “Why do you do poetry (or any other activity” may be asked.
  13. Some Situational & Behavioral Question
    • What would you describe are your greatest achievement to date?
    • Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that?
    • Give me an example of a time when you did not meet a client’s expectation. What happened, and how did you attempt to rectify the situation?
  14. Case questions are fairly common in MBA interview especially for consulting aspirants. Below are a few sample for to practice for:
    • How many Golf balls can fit in a Boeing 747?
    • What’s the global market size for smartphones?
  15. Do you have any Question for us?

Imperial MBA Interview Questions – 1

1) Why MBA why now?

2) What else experience you need to get in VC and what position you are looking for?

3) What is Plan B?

4) What do you think could be the biggest challenge for achieving this goal?

5) What do you bring into the class ( experience)? if you are in a study group not meeting the deadline,, how do you tackle this situation?

6) What kind of Leader you are?

7) What do you think – the name of the attribute of a leader? what else? Which business leader you admire? Why? If your leader change today, what strategic approach you will take?

8)What is the greatest innovation in the last 10 years?

9) How do you stay updated in recent news and topics?

10) What caught your attention these days ?? what topic?

She was very cold at the beginning but at the end, she smiled and supported me with all the answers. Best of luck to all”

Imperial MBA Questions – 2

Apart from the usual questions like why mba, why imperial etc she asked me:

1. You did GRE and your score is a bit low? Are you retaking GRE?
2. How much quant experience you have ? how much you use quant experience in your day to day job? Like budgeting, forecasting or analyzing?
3. What would be the biggest challenge for you during the program?
4. Do you have any questions for me?

Hope this helps! All the best!

Imperial MBA Interview Questions – 3

In my case I was asked

1. what they found in me that differentiate me with others.

2. Instances when I showed leadership.

3. What qualities I could improve upon.

4. Post MBA scenarios.

Imperial MBA Interview Questions – 4

Yesterday was my interview.
I would just suggest that have a little knowledge about current business news
Apart from that it was quite a normal interview.

Just be positive and humble.

Imperial MBA Interview Questions – 5

I finished my interview and it went really well in my opinion. My interviewer was Crystal, very nice lady. Questions asked were pretty much straight forward: why MBA, why Imperial, What unique attribute do you bring to the class etc. No tricky questions.

Apart from this I would suggest you to stay aware about the current business news & topics.

All the best!


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