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Rice Jones MBA

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Rice Jones Business School – Introduction

At Rice, MBA students — who currently number around 120, the smallest class size among the top 25 schools, though plans are afoot to ramp that up to 180 in the next two years — have the ear of the dean. Andrews meets with the student government on a weekly basis, and he also does quarterly town halls

So, the first year of the program are the core classes such as finance and accounting and marketing etc. After your internship you can pivot to over 150 electives available for them. The school focuses on other aspects apart from core electives and encourages students to take organizational behavior classes, the leadership classes, the negotiation classes.

Rice also has key experiential courses, highlighted by their capstone class, the culmination of all MBA classes. “They’re working with real companies,” the dean says. “Most often they’re actually not-for-profits, because these are really big, sticky issues that these firms are having, and they get to go in and work on those issues — whether it’s, ‘We want to go to Colombia and start a business there,’ or ‘We want to have a new branch in another part of the country.’ But they’re these big, sticky things that they can work on.” For more details Click Here…

Class Profile Summary
Class Size 174
Average GMAT Score 689
Average Work Experience (yrs.) 5 yrs
Average Age (yrs.) 28
Employment Summary
Average Salary $123,786
Average Bonus $33,828
% placed within 3 months 89%
Tuition Fees Summary
Total Tuition $63,500
Living Cost
Total Cost

Rice Jones MBA Class Profile 2022 (Click Here)

Rice Jones MBA Application Deadlines

Deadlines Applications
Round 1 15 Nov 2021
Round 2 18 May 2022
Round 3 15 June 2022

Rice Jones MBA Application Essays


Essay 1: The Rice Business experience is designed to inspire our students to become future business leaders. How did your path, from both a professional and a personal perspective, guide you to where you are today, and how will Rice Business fit into where you would like to go next?

Please choose only one method of communication that you would like to use for your response:

  • Write an essay (500 word limit)
  • Share a video (one to three minute time limit)

Essay 2: Few in history have experienced a global event that has reached all corners of the world. During the impact of recent global activities, we have all been affected in different ways and have had to operate with ambiguity. What was the biggest lesson you learned during this moment in history and how will you carry this lesson forward as a future leader when having to make decisions with incomplete information? (500 word limit)

Essay 3: Please choose to answer one of the following prompts:

  • Prompt #1: “What movie, song, or book has most influenced your life and the way you view the world? Why?”
  • Prompt #2: “A picture is worth a thousand words. Choose a picture from your life that you value and tell us the story of that picture – but only in 500 words or less. Feel free to share the photo!”
  • Prompt #3: “Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, and food is a large part of these cultures. If you had to design a 3-course menu to prepare for your future MBA core team, what would be on the menu that showcases more about who you are?”

Please choose only one method of communication that you would like to use for your response (you can only submit one video – either for Essay #1 or Essay #3):

  • Write an essay (500 word limit)
  • Share a video (one to three minute time limit)

Optional Essay: If you have any additional information for the admissions committee or if you wish to clarify any aspect of your application (including breaks in employment, your choice of recommendation providers, your past academic performance, etc.), you may submit an additional, optional essay. (750 word limit)

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