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Rotterdam (RSM) Letter of Recommendation Questions

  1. How long and in what capacity have you known the candidate?* (375 Characters)
  2. What is your opinion of the candidate’s motivation and suitability for a career in senior management? (375 Characters)
  3. What do you consider as his or her strengths? (375 Characters)
  4. What do you consider as his or her principal weaknesses?*
  5. Please comment on the candidate’s interpersonal skills (Such as performance in a team environment with peers, subordinates and supervisors)․ (375 Characters)
  6. Please add any further remarks on the candidate that you consider relevant (Additional pages may be attached)․

To download the complete letter of recommendation form for Rotterdam School of management -> Click Here

Rotterdam Letter of Recommendation Example – 1

1. How long have you known the candidate? In which context? (100 character including spaces)

As Ronit’s (Name Changed) Direct Supervisor, I have known him for the last 2.5 years.

2. What do you consider to be the candidate’s most noteworthy qualities? (500 character including spaces)

Ronit (Name Changed) is a proactive professional and one of our best. He never neglects a challenge.  For instance, there was a need for four new operators for the fire hydrant pumping system at our plant. It was directed by the Safety Department due to the pumping station’s outdated and antiquated manual operating processes.  He arrived at a technically feasible proposal to automate the pumping station and later he along with his team automated the system. This automation helped us save the extra manpower cost.

3. What are the areas in which you believe the candidate needs to improve? (500 character including spaces)

Let me start with an example. One instance when we need to establish communication between our newly opened and old block of mine. He, after procuring little initial fact, immediately responded to use the ROIP system to do that. I felt it might not be the best solution as I felt he jumped at it too quickly. I told him to take time, introspect, and not jump to conclusions. He took the feedback positively and came back with a better solution. Since then he always performs due diligence and research.

4. Please comment on the candidate’s potential for management. Describe an occasion in which you observed the candidate in a leadership role. (500 character including spaces)

He possesses high potential for management. Normally in our organization, Junior Employee is not given a direct leadership position. He is the one among his batchmates, who got the leadership position and is currently handling a team of 7 people.  Even before he started working with us, he gave many solutions to the power plant. One of his idea which impressed me deeply is the idea to change oil filter line which leads to a decrease in the number of unit tripping.

Rotterdam Letter of Recommendation Example – 2


1. How long have you known the candidate? In which context? (100 character including spaces)

As a Head of Electrical Department, I have known Mr. Ronit (Name Changed) Suman since July 2015.

2. What do you consider to be the candidate’s most noteworthy qualities? (500 Character including spaces)

His noteworthy quality is his leadership and innovation skills. For example, we were facing frequent breakdowns of our conveyor belt because of the failure of the signaling system of the conveyor belt. He inspected the system in detail and made many small modifications along the belt track. Such small-small out of the box idea have helped us reduce breakdown time by approximately 30%. He has delivered this great improvement while efficiently leading a team of seven people.

3. What are the areas in which you believe the candidate needs to improve? (500 character including spaces)

I think his document presentation style is one area in which he needs to improve. When he started he had the habit of mixing numbers with the text and go heavy on percentages. I observed that sometimes employees of other departments faced difficulty in understanding the document presented by him. I gave him feedback and asked him to improve. He then started working on this and would often come to me for my advice. As per my advice, he made the necessary changes as seen from his work later.

4. Please comment on the candidate’s potential for management. Describe an occasion in which you observed the candidate in a leadership role. (500 Character including spaces)

As I already mentioned, he has shown leadership in many instances. His many solutions such as procurement of new telephone exchange or his suggestion to change 30 years old conveyor signaling system differentiate him from other employees who normally entangle in cause and effect but he goes beyond that to find the solution. I hope if He gets an opportunity to study at the ESADE. He will learn both theoretical and practical skills that will help him become a better manager and a strong leader.

HEC Paris Letter of Recommendation Example – 1

1)    How long and in what capacity have you known the candidate?

I am a manager at Deloitte Consulting LLP. I have worked with Akanksha for a little more than a year as her direct supervisor.

2) if this is a work-related reference, in what position is/was the candidate employed and for how long?

Akanksha has been working with Deloitte Consulting LLP for the past 4 years. Last year, she was promoted to a Consultant’s role.

3)What do you consider to be the candidate’s principal strengths/talents?

Since last year, after being promoted as a consultant, Akanksha has been mostly involved in client-facing roles. I think one of her principal strengths is collaborating with cross-functional teams involving clients and other stakeholders in the project.

I observed this strength of Akanksha when she was working as a tech lead on the CDM Smith project. The requirements of the project were little unclear. Akanksha put in commendable efforts in collaborating and coordinating with the client and our teams in USA, Delhi and Bengaluru to get the requirements clarified. Her apt handling of conflicts between client and our on-site and local teams ensured that everyone was on the same page throughout the project. She acted as a single point of contact and stretched her working hours to manage project work between globally dispersed teams in different time zones. With Akanksha’s commitment and efficient collaboration, the team managed to deliver the entire project ahead of time schedule. This project showcased her potential to lead future projects and fill in the shoes of a senior consultant.

Another key strength of Akanksha, I really appreciate, is her diversified interest in Deloitte’s extracurricular activities. She has been leading Deloitte’s education-focused CSR team for 3 years in partnership with an NGO named Literacy India. She leads a team of 20 volunteers for all projects related to child education which includes fundraising, organizing volunteer visits, and other events. To me, this displays her versatile nature and self-motivation. It’s always a pleasure to have such a team member who keeps the entire team motivated towards benevolent causes.

Overall, I think it’s her social work experience that has really helped her hone her collaboration and project management skills, which reflects in her professional work as well and this makes her stand out among her peers in the organization.

4) What do you consider to be the candidate’s weaknesses or areas that need improvement?

Until now, Akanksha has had a purely technical background with limited exposure to the business aspect of projects. One significant area where I feel she needs to improve is her overall understanding of the business structures and workflow processes.

In one instance, on the CDM Smith project, because of her inexperience and lack of understanding regarding business flow processes, she was not able to correctly map client’s project division rules to its accounting structure. The mapping process required a deeper understanding of the client’s overall business flow and hierarchy. She missed certain scenarios related to client’s intracompany projects in her solution design and this resulted in the failure of 2 other connected applications. She should have asked me or her functional peers in the team for an initial walkthrough to help her get acquainted with the client’s business structure.

In our first annual performance review, we discussed her need to start working on her business knowledge as it is crucial to moving ahead into a senior consultant’s role, where she will be expected to handle overall project delivery and guide her team. I also explained to her that she should not hesitate and be more open to reaching out to experts in order to expand her knowledge base.

She took the feedback positively. I have observed a significant change in her work methodology and she now freely reaches out to her peers to seek help where needed. Over time she has shown great improvement in her understanding of workflow processes in different business modules. Akanksha is a talented and hardworking girl, highly capable of achieving her career goals. I feel her decision to pursue an MBA at this point makes perfect sense as it will help her take her expertise to the next level.

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