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Stanford MBA

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Stanford GSB MBA – Introduction

Applying to Stanford Graduate School of Business is making a bet against the odds, and the odds here are daunting. In 2015-2016, a record 8,116 candidates applied for a seat in Stanford’s Class of 2018, up 2.7% on last year’s 7,899. The school, which boasts the most selective prestigious MBA program in the world, received 19.5 applications for each of its 417 seats that fall. That’s nearly twice as many as the 10.4 candidates for each Harvard Business School seat. Applications have increased by at least 200 year-over-year for the past five years.

The school’s goal is ambitious: to only accept students who, in former Dean Garth Saloner’s words, “have the leadership capacity to change the world.” The tagline of the school? “Change Lives, Change Organizations, Change the World.” This lofty mission is taken seriously by the admissions staff, which sorts through more than 7,000 applications from top-tier candidates.

Stanford MBA is very expensive, around $230k. On the other hand, Stanford has been among a group of schools that aggressively increased its scholarship support of students to help defray the escalating costs of tuition and fees. Stanford says that tuition has gone up by 16% in the past five years, but the pool of money available for scholarships has risen 80% to $15.7 million from $8.7 million. Stanford’s average student fellowship grant is about $35,830, higher than any other business school. For more details Click Here…


Class Profile Summary
Class Size 436
Average GMAT Score 733
Average Work Experience (yrs.) 4.7
Average Age (yrs.) 27 years (24-35)
Employment Summary
Average Salary $159,000
Average Bonus $78,299
% placed within 3 months 91
Tuition Fees Summary
Total Tuition $149,412
Living Cost $69,612

Stanford MBA Class Profile 2022 (Click  Here)


Stanford GSB MBA Application Deadline

Deadlines Applications
Round 1 09 Sept 2021
Round 2 05 Jan 2022
Round 3 12 April 2022


Stanford MBA Application Essay Tips

Essay 1: Both essays combined may not exceed 1,050 words. We recommend up to 650 words for Essay A and up to 400 words for Essay B. We often find effective essays that are written in fewer words.
For this essay, we would like you to reflect deeply and write from the heart. Once you’ve identified what matters most to you, help us understand why. You might consider, for example, what makes this so important to you? What people, insights, or experiences have shaped your perspectives?
Describe your aspirations and how your Stanford GSB experience will help you realize them. If you are applying to both the MBA and MSx programs, use Essay B to address your interest in both programs.
Optional Essay 1: In the Essays section of the application, we ask you to tell us about who you are and how you think Stanford will help you achieve your aspirations. We are also interested in learning about the things you have done that are most meaningful to you. If you would like to go beyond your resume to discuss some of your contributions more fully, you are welcome to share up to three examples (up to 1,200 characters, or approximately 200 words, for each example).
Optional Essay 2: We know that each person is more than a list of facts or pre-defined categories. We are interested in how your background may have influenced your life experiences. In answering this question, consider how your background, such as your work, education, skills, interests, culture, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, where/how you grew up, and/or other factors had an impact on your recent actions and choices (up to 1,200 characters, or approximately 200 words).
Question: Tell us about a time within the last three years when your background influenced your participation in a situation, interaction, or project.



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