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Vanderbilt MBA

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Vanderbilt Business School – Introduction

Owen’s MBA is based on a modular system of intensive courses, each seven weeks in length with a week of exams. Because students are required to take at least 32 classes to graduate, they are able to really explore particular areas of interest and branch into different disciplines. They’re also able to focus on a particular discipline like accounting or finance while fulfilling requirements for concentrations or specializations.

Owen requires 11 core courses of its MBA students, the majority of which are taken during the first two mods. Students are then able to tailor their degree to their career goals. Each student must complete at least one 12-credit hour concentration in a single discipline beyond the core. Those interested in a “deeper dive” into a discipline may choose to pursue a career-focused specialization of 20 credit hours.

The multifaceted community at Owen is also a result of Vanderbilt’s connection with its other graduate schools. Full-time Owen MBA students may take courses for credit at other Vanderbilt graduate schools with approval. Many students choose to take interdisciplinary classes at the Law School, Divinity School, Peabody School of Education, Medical School and the Nursing School.

Short breaks between mods are reserved for brief courses, immersion experiences, holidays, and more. Students interested in gaining real-world experience can take immersive courses and participate in excursions, in which students gain industry knowledge and learn about job opportunities. For more details Click Here…

Class Profile Summary
Class Size 182
Average GMAT Score 680
Average Work Experience (yrs.) 5.3
Average Age (yrs.) 28 years (24-35)
Employment Summary
Average Salary $126,137
Average Bonus $26,991
% placed within 3 months 96%
Tuition Fees Summary
Total Tuition $125,500
Living Cost $51,408
Total Cost $176,908

Vanderbilt MBA Class Profile 2022 (Click Here)

Vanderbilt MBA Application Deadlines

Deadlines Applications
Round 1 12 Oct 2021
Round 2 05 Jan 2022
Round 3 29 Mar 2022
Round 4 16 May 2022

Vanderbilt MBA Application Essay Tips


Essay 1: What are your short-term career goals after obtaining your MBA and what functional area do you plan to study while in the MBA program? What are some specific skills that you want to develop during your time in business school? (150 word limit)

Essay 2: Please highlight something about yourself that isn’t already captured in the application. (150 words)

Optional Essay 1: You are encouraged to provide an additional statement to clarify and explain any of the following: gaps of more than three months in full-time employment, lack of recommendation from your current or most recent supervisor, limited full-time work experience (ignore if you are a recent undergraduate), poor academic performance, weak test scores, academic misconduct, violations of the law, or anything else you think is important for the Admissions Committee to know about you that is not already addressed elsewhere in your application. Applicants reactivating a previous application submitted within the last two years should provide their additional statement here. (300 word limit, optional)

Optional Short Answer: Share an interesting or fun fact about yourself. (400 characters)

Video Essay:

The video response is a required component of the online application. Our goal in asking you for a short video response is to glimpse an authentic and unscripted view of your personality, creativity, and communication style. Don’t stress over this portion of the application!  The video response questions are easy to answer. Just be yourself!

Read through the video response instructions below before starting the process. Once you have read the instructions, follow the instructional prompts provided on the screen for the video response recording process.

Video Response Instructions

  1. You will be prompted to start the video response process by first testing your equipment (video and sound). See below for the Red Button that Says “Start Test”.
  2. Proceed through the testing steps. Once you have acknowledged that you have thoroughly tested your equipment, you will be prompted to proceed with the process of actually recording your video response.
  3. The system will display a question for you to answer. You will have 30 seconds to gather your thoughts and prepare your answer. There will be a visual timer countdown on the screen.
  4. You will then have up to 90 seconds to respond with your answer to the video response. You may use the entire 90 seconds or stop the recording when you have sufficiently answered the question. There will be a visual timer countdown on the screen.
  5. When your recording is stopped you may review your recording. If you are satisfied with your video essay recording, you may proceed to the next page of the application. If you would like to record the video essay again, you may.
  6. The system will allow you 3 opportunities to record your video response. Each time you redo the video response, you will be given a different question.
  7. After 3 attempts at recording you will not be given the opportunity to record again.
  8. You will see a message that reads “We have successfully received your video submission.” after you have recorded your video response.

Important notes to remember as you begin:

  • You will have 3 attempts to do a video response recording – each attempt will present a different question
  • You will have 30 seconds to prepare to answer the question on the screen
  • You will have up to 90 seconds to respond with the video recording

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