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YALE School of Management – Introduction

Yale SOM  has developed an integrated curriculum that uses diverse disciplines and areas of expertise to better understand management challenges. The school is closely linked to the parent university, giving you the chance to take courses throughout campus, collaborate with Yale scientists on a startup, or even get a second degree in law, environmental management, or medicine. The school gives you the opportunity to leverage connections across boundaries of function, industry, and region. And it is a founding member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, through which you’ll study with faculty and team with students at 27 other top schools around the world.

The integrated Yale MBA curriculum is designed to teach fundamental business tools and give you the context to understand how your whole organization works and how it impacts the larger society. In unique MBA courses taught by multiple professors, you’ll learn to take multiple perspectives and draw on multiple business disciplines as you confront a problem.

The Yale SOM student community is ambitious and supportive. You’ll learn from classmates with a remarkable diversity of backgrounds and aspirations, and develop your leadership skills by participating in student clubs and conferences. For more details Click Here…

Yale SOM MBA Rankings

Class Profile Summary
Class Size 350
Average GMAT Score 720(520-780)
Average Work Experience (yrs.) 05 years
Average Age (yrs.) 27.5 years (24-35)
Employment Summary
Average Salary $130,000
Average Bonus $30,000
% placed within 3 months 91.4%
Tuition Fees Summary
Total Tuition $74,560
Living Cost $ 27,680
Total Cost $ 102,240

Yale SOM MBA Class Profile 2022 (Click Here)

Deadlines Applications
Round 1 14 Sept 2021
Round 2 06 Jan 2022
Round 3 12 April 2022

Yale SOM MBA Application Essay Tips

Essay 1: Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words maximum)
First of all start jotting down all the commitments you made in life – big or small – whatever you consider to be important in your life. Most people fall back to professional experiences but it is strongly advised to go beyond professional stories. It may be easier to bucket and think across three areas – professional, extra-curriculars, and personal. You committed for a social cause, you committed to break some traditional barriers or stereotypes or you committed to take care of a person who is through a terminal disease, you committed to take care of underprivileged kid’s education etc.

Then pick one story that is impactful, and brings out what you value and who you are.

When illustrating examples, an easy method to follow is the STAR methodology. Situation → Task → Action → Result.

Start with describing the situation at hand to give a background to the reader. Explain what actions you took along the way to fulfil the commitment. . Explain what challenges you faced in the course of taking certain actions. It is important to show what the outcome of the action was and what are the results that you obtained. Conclude by showing how WHY you chose to commit and why this is the biggest commitment you ever made.

Essay 2: How did you arrive at these career interests? How have you or how will you position yourself to pursue them? (250 words maximum)

Quick essay Tips – To write career essays for Yale SOM program, a very simple structure to follow is

  1. Explain your current position and work experience → 2. State your short and long term goals → 3. Skillsets you have acquired throughout your career so far → 4. Explain what you currently lack to attain your short and long term goal → 5. Show how an MBA from school like Yale School of Management can help you bridge the gap in your skills to achieve your short term goal.

Detailed Essay writing Tips

Start with a strong introductory paragraph on who you are and what are your desired goals from an MBA.

Eg: “I am an engineer with four years of experience in the IT sector leading projects for clients across multiple countries. In the short term i want to transition from a software developer role to a product manager role” 

For the main body, start on a strong note, show what skills you already have. B-schools in general prefer to see strong academic track record, progress in professional career, client management exposure, leadership and international experiences. Highlight some of your key achievements with numbers or awards that you may have received. Show your outstanding performance via the promotions or opportunities to lead or international deputation.

After establishing the strengths of your profile, move on to show how the limitation of your current role and skills are hindering your future career progress or desired transitions. Establish the need for upskilling yourself which can only be done via an MBA at this stage of your career. Talk about how an MBA can enhance your business acumen, leadership skills, soft skills for communication and presentation or provide you the network to grow your career or business.


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